Hedge Apple Tea Instructions


How To Make Hedge Apple Tea

Here is my version of how to make the hedge apple tea.  Take a hedge apple, wash and wrap in freezer paper or put in plastic bag and freeze.  Once frozen, remove and cut in small chunks. I use a five quart pan with lid to simmer so I weight the chunks to total approx. five ounces.  Take a Nutri-Bullet ( you can use something else) to grind down even the seeds. (You can buy a Nutri-Bullet at Walmart for about $50.  A Vitamix is finer ground, but is around $400 on the internet. Put in mixer a couple ounces at a time, add just enough water to cover, grind and then pour into pan.  Do this two or three times until you have five ounces of hedge apple.  I add four quarts of water, put on stove, heat to about 130 degrees with lid covering and then set timer for 10 minutes and simmer.  While simmering, I use another pan to sterilize four quart jars and one pint jar with lids.  Heat water to boil and sterilize for three minutes.  

Once hedge apple tea is finished, I use glass funnel over jars and pour contents into jars to bottom of threads.  Continue to stir as the pulp will settle at the bottom of the pan and you want to try to have an equal amount in each jar.  Use lids and rings to seal, let cool and they will pop and you know the jar is sealed.  Excess tea goes into the pint jar. Once cooled, label and refrigerate.  Good for several months in the refrigerator, but if you drink 2 oz morning and night, one person will consume one quart in eight days.

God bless!

Rick McKean