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  Hydrogen Fuel Class, Friday, Sept. 8, 2017 7:00pm.  Eddy County Extension Office, 1304 W. Stevens, Carlsbad, NM.  Rick  575-361-3083 email: pecostwister@gmail.com;
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kits- Show me more!
Browns Gas 
History of HHO
Cleaner burning
Cooler running
More power
Increase in mileage.
Ammonia vs Water
Ammonia is NH3OH; Water is H2O
Water freezes at 32 degrees F.
Ammonia does not freeze.
Water sets off oxygen sensors causing computer to dump fuel in engine.  Needs EFIE or a flash chip.
Ammonia has nitrogen. Nitrogen grabs five oxygen molecules, becoming nitros oxide, gets passed the oxygen sensors undetected.
Water has two hydrogen molecules, ammonia has three.  Once electrolysis occurs, nitrogen grabs 5 oxygen molecules leaving (5x2) 10 hydrogen molecules, plus the three hydrogen molecules giving the mixture 13 hydrogens.  much more power than water. 
HHO or Brown's Gas is ready to explode and can have flashback into bubbler or cell.
Ammonia does not explode until fresh oxygen is added through the intake. Much safer than HHO.

Ammonia Hydroxide 10% Not sold here, but make sure you purchase pure, no surfactant.  You can get it at Ace Hardware approx $5 per gallon.
New PWM Control Box with 6 in. pigtail. Has amp gage, pwm, fan, 40amp relay, 15 amp circuit breaker with wiring harness. Size 6x4x2.
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